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Metabolite Statistics

Total Number of Metabolite Synonyms27947
Total Number of Metabolites Having Associated Protein11157
Total Number of Metabolites16042

Concentration Statistics

Total Number of Metabolites With Concentrations873
Total Number of Concentration Entries1462
Total Number of Different Growth Substrates57

Spectra Statistics

Total Number Compounds with Spectra15973
Total Number Compounds with NMR spectra2257
Total Number Compounds with NMR 1D Spectra2256
Total Number Compounds with NMR 2D Spectra359
Total Number Compounds with MS Spectra15952
Total NMR Specta42535
Total MS Spectra92608
Total Predicted MS/MS Spectra56693
Total Experimental MS/MS Spectra14595
Total Number of Spectra136713

Reaction Statistics

Total Number of Reactions31624

Protein Statistics

Total Number of Enzymes909
Total Number of Transporters149
Total Number of Proteins1259
Total Number of PDB Accessions135

Reference Statistics

Total Number of Compound References636
Total Number of Protein References2487
Total Number of References2976

Link-out Statistics

ChemSpider links1732
PubChem Compound links1429
Kegg Compound links1538
Kegg Pathways links9595
Chebi Compound links1234
Wikipedia links647