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Spectrum Details
Compound name:Oxalacetic acid
Spectrum type:1H NMR Spectrum
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Experimental Conditions
Sample Concentration:2.1 mM
Solvent:Sodium phosphate (pH 7.4) in 90% H2O /10% D2O
Sample Mass:0.227 mg
Sample Assessment:Excellent
Spectrum Assessment:Excellent
Instrument Type:Bruker
Frequency:800 MHz
Sample pH:7.4
Sample Temperature:25.0 Celsius
Chemical Shift Reference:DSS
Not Available
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  2. Fink, B.D.; Bai, F.; Yu, L.; Sheldon, R.D.; Sharma, A.; Taylor, E.B.; Sivitz, W.I., Oxaloacetic acid mediates ADP-dependent inhibition of mitochondrial complex IIā€“driven respiration. J. Biol. Chem., 2018, 293, (51), 19932-19941. [PubMed: 30385511 ]