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NameFrataxin homolog, mitochondrial
  • Frataxin homolog intermediate form
Gene NameYFH1
Enzyme Class
Biological Properties
General FunctionInvolved in ferroxidase activity
Specific FunctionPromotes the biosynthesis of heme as well as the assembly and repair of iron-sulfur clusters by delivering Fe(2+) to proteins involved in these pathways. Plays a role in the protection against iron-catalyzed oxidative stress through its ability to catalyze the oxidation of Fe(2+) to Fe(3+). Can store large amounts of the metal in the form of a ferrihydrite mineral by oligomerization. May be involved in regulation of the mitochondrial electron transport chain
Cellular LocationMitochondrion matrix
SMPDB PathwaysNot Available
KEGG Pathways
Porphyrin and chlorophyll metabolismec00860 Map00860
SMPDB ReactionsNot Available
KEGG ReactionsNot Available
GO ClassificationNot Available
Gene Properties
Chromosome Locationchromosome 4
Protein Properties
Pfam Domain Function
Protein Residues174
Protein Molecular Weight19490.0
Protein Theoretical pI5.63
Signalling Regions
  • None
Transmembrane Regions
  • None
External Links
Saccharomyces Genome Database YFH1
Uniprot IDQ07540
Uniprot NameFRDA_YEAST
GenBank Gene IDAY558160
Genebank Protein ID45270210
General Reference
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