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NameADP-ribose 1''-phosphate phosphatase
SynonymsNot Available
Gene NamePOA1
Enzyme ClassNot Available
Biological Properties
General FunctionInvolved in phosphatase activity
Specific FunctionHighly specific phosphatase involved in the metabolism of ADP-ribose 1''-phosphate (Appr1p) which is produced as a consequence of tRNA splicing
Cellular LocationNot Available
SMPDB PathwaysNot Available
KEGG PathwaysNot Available
SMPDB ReactionsNot Available
KEGG ReactionsNot Available
YMDB00029ADP-D-ribose 1''-phosphateShow
YMDB00360Adenosine diphosphate riboseShow
GO ClassificationNot Available
Gene Properties
Chromosome Locationchromosome 2
Protein Properties
Pfam Domain Function
Protein Residues177
Protein Molecular Weight19937.59961
Protein Theoretical pI7.77
Signalling Regions
  • None
Transmembrane Regions
  • None
External Links
Saccharomyces Genome Database POA1
Uniprot IDP38218
Uniprot NamePOA1_YEAST
GenBank Gene IDAY557705
Genebank Protein ID45269301
General Reference
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