Data Extractor

The Data Extractor is a high level data search engine which allows users to construct complex or constrained queries and to select or display search results from the YMDB database. To use the Data Extractor, select the fields you want to search on the left and enter your query. You can select to view the results in HTML, a printable list, or CSV (which you can open in Microsoft Excel).

  • Use an asterix (*) to match any non-blank value for a field
  • For text search, the query text can be either whole or partial words
  • Leave a field blank to include it in the output, but omit it from the search
  • We do not recommend opening complex CSV files with Microsoft Excel, as it does not handle newlines correctly. If you experience any issues with the CSV format in Microsoft Excel, please try loading the data into OpenOffice or Numbers before reporting any issues.

Metabolite Fields:

Enzyme Fields: